Course Reserves

  The types of items most frequently placed on reserve are:

  • Books 
  • DVDs

 Checkout period:

  • 2 hours
  • Item stays in library*

  Removing items from reserve:

  • Items can be removed from Reserve temporarily or permanently by their owners at any time.
  • Items that have not been checked out in two years will be removed from the Reserve shelf.

 NOTE: Workbooks and other consumables (items intended for one-time use) cannot be placed on reserve. 

*Instructors can make items available for use outside the Library; however, fewer students are able to access them and it is harder to keep track of the items.

 Brockton Campus Course Reserves

(508) 588-9100 X1941

 Canton Campus reserves

(781) 821-2222 X2945

The library is committed to supporting student access to textbooks. We will try to purchase an electronic version of required reading for your class if it is available and is within the library's budget.

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