WCOnline Help Documents

No-Show Policy

There is a limited number of appointments each day, and our No-Show Policy is designed to give anyone running a bit late the ability to see a tutor, while ensuring everyone has a chance to see a tutor when needed.

Anyone not signed into to their appointment within the first 10 minutes will be considered and documented as a “no-show” freeing up the appointment time for someone else to use.

  • WCOnline automatically sends a notification email after each no-show; after the third no-show, WCOnline automatically deactivates the account and sends a notification email.
  • Deactivated accounts cannot make appointments for any Learning Commons appointment-based service, but can still use services that are not appointment-based (walk-in tutoring, technology help, study spaces, etc.)

How to Avoid No-Shows and Account Deactivation

To avoid no-shows and keep your WCOnline account in good standing consider the following:

  • If you anticipate being more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, please call tutoring reception at 281-312-1439.
  • You can also cancel your appointment via WCOnline up to 15 minutes before your scheduled start time

Creating an account in WCOnline is easy and  only takes a few minutes. Once you have an account, you'll be able to schedule appointments with tutors, librarians, and our One Button Studio

1. Go to WCOnline (lonestar.mywconline.com)

2. Click on "register for an account"

3. Fill in the information.

4. Click "complete registration"

Creating an appointment on WCOnline is fast and easy!

1. Go to WCOnline (lonestar.mywconline.com)

2. Log in. Remember, your login information for WCOnline is not the same as your myLoneStar login information. If this is your first visit to WCOnline, you'll need to register for an account (see "Create an Account" tab for instructions).

3. Choose the correct schedule. Make sure you choose the right schedule for the type of help you need. 

4. Choose the person/service &  time for your appointment. Find the service provider (tutor, librarian, or One Button Studio) and click inside a white box 

5. Fill in the appointment form. Please answer all the questions as detailed as possible. This helps us be better prepared for your appointment

6. Click "Create Appointment". If you do not click "create appointment", your appointment will not be saved in the system. 

You should receive an email with further instructions shortly after your appointment has been made.

Writing Tutoring - Upload your assignment instructions and a copy of your essay. The assignment instructions will help the tutor understand the professor's assignment expectations. A copy of your essay gives the tutor an idea where you are in your writing process.

1. Download your assignment instructions from D2L and save it to an easy to find location on your computer. It's easiest to download it to the same place you have been saving your essay.

2. In the appointment form, click "choose file" and choose the files from the location you saved it. Your files will upload to the WCOnline appointment form.

3. After your files have been uploaded, add a title for the document, and click "create appointment." 

Cancel your appointment if:

  • You will be more than 10 minutes late
  • You no longer need the appointment

You can cancel your appointment in WCOnline or by calling Tutoring Reception at 281-312-1439

To avoid no-shows, appointments must be canceled at least 15 minutes

before the appointment start time.