ArcGIS Pro is a software package for geospatial analysis. This tutorial covers the definition of GIS, data finding using NYU’s Spatial Data Repository (SDR), some differences between ArcGIS Pro and the older ArcMap software, visualizing spatial data in a thematic map and exporting that map in different file formats.

ArcGIS Pro

Duration: 90 min

Room description:

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Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of GIS is required to attend.
Skills Taught / Learning Outcomes:
  • Define GIS and its uses.
  • Explore the ArcGIS Pro interface and how it differs from ArcMap
  • Explore the NYU SDR and learn about spatial data.
  • Create a thematic GIS map using spatial data from NYU’s SDR
  • Visually analyze patterns on a GIS map.
  • Share thematic GIS maps.
Class Materials:
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