Linking to Alexander Street Videos

Alexander Street video and audio content can be integrated into Canvas or web pages in two ways: links or embeds. Both are provided for video and audio content, playlists, and clips in all Alexander Street collections. Look for the following Embed/Link icon throughout the Alexander Street interface:



When linking to content, please be sure to either copy and paste the permalink in the text of the popup screen. Do not use the URL displayed in your Web browser's address bar. If you are copying a link into Canvas, insert it as plain text and not as a Web link, and be sure not to add any spaces to the inserted text.


Embed into Canvas

  • When embedding a video, copy the complete text of the embed code in Canvas. 
  • Navigate to where you want to embed the video in Canvas. Click "HTML Editor" and paste the copied code. 
  • Next, you must change the URL in the embed code.

Example embed code: <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="470" height="390" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The URL in the above code is https://search.
06u92chi6cs3cdpm. You must change the two dots in the beginning part of the URL to dashes, so it becomes https://search-alexanderstreet-com/embed/token/06u92chi6cs3cdpm.

This embed code should be used only in Web pages. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email clients, and other desktop software do not support this code.