Find Test for a Variable :: Search Tips :: PubMed

Limit search results by using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) that are helpful in identifying articles where instruments are likely to have been used. Combine your variable of interest with the MeSH terms.

Sample MeSH terms include but are not limited to:

  • costs and cost analysis[mh]
  • dental surveys[mh]
  • health status indicators[mh]
  • health surveys[mh]
  • interviews[mh]
  • nutrition surveys[mh]
  • outcome and process assessment (health care)[mh]
  • perception[mh]
  • personality assessment[mh]
  • psychological tests[mh]
  • psychometrics[mh]
  • psychiatric status rating scales[mh]
  • questionnaires[mh]

Example: burnout AND questionnaires[mh]

HINT: Add specific format of instrument in your search string, e.g., scale, interview, inventory.

HINT: Use Limits to narrow your search: age, language, gender, type of article, (e.g., clinical trial, evaluation studies, randomized controlled trial, etc.).


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