Find Test for a Variable :: Search Tips :: CINAHL Plus

Method 1: Search by keyword using the Instrumentation (IN) field. Enter your term in the Search box and select Instrumentation as the field to be searched. Click on title of article to view detailed description, which includes the instruments used in the study that have burnout in the title.

Example: burnout in IN Instrumentation

Method 2: Limit search results by using the Publication Type (PT) field. Enter your term in the Search box. Under Limit Your Results, scroll down to Publication Type and select Questionnaire/Scale or Research Instrument. Note that you can select both by holding down the Ctrl key when you left-click each selection.

Example: Type burnout. Scroll down to Publication Type. Select Questionnaire/Scale.

Method 3: Browse terms using Indexes. At the top of the screen, under the More button, click on Indexes.  Select Instrumentation in Browse an Index and enter your keyword in the Browse for search box.

Example:  burnout in Instrumentation Index

Change Display
Click the Page Options link above the Results display. Under the Result Format, select Detailed. Or, click on the title of each citation to view the Detailed record.

Obtaining Full Text
To view the full text of an article, click on links to PDF or Full Text, or click on the Check forFull Text button at the bottom of the record.


Click the Help button within CINAHL Plus. Or try our help page Searching CINAHL Plus.