Find Test for a Variable :: Search Tips :: Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

Limit search results by using the Publication Type (PU) field.  Enter your term in the search box.  Under Limit your results, scroll down to Publication Type and select Tests/Questionnaires. Click Search.

Example: burnout AND Tests/Questionnaires in PU Publication Type

Change Display

Click the Page Options link above the Results display. Under the Result Format, select Detailed to see more information on all of the results. Or, click on the title of indivicual citations to view the complete record.

Obtaining Full Text

The ERIC database does link to many full-text documents. In addition, many of the ERIC non-journal documents in the ED (Eric Document) series from the AN (Accession Number) field can be found in the UW Libraries Microform and Newspapers Collection under the series number. Beginning October 1, 2004, ED documents issued 1993-2004 are available for free at, and the ERIC Digitization Project is in the process of converting selected documents from 1966-1992. For studies that appear in journals identified by EJ (ERIC Journal) in the AN field, click on the Check for Full Text icon at the bottom of the record.


For help with EBSCO searching, click Help at the top of the ERIC page. Click the question mark icon located to the upper right of the search box for the popup help screen. Under Database Help at the bottom of the left menu, click on ERIC for additional information about searching ERIC.