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Search for the instrument name or acronym in the Title or Test Acronym field to find the Master Record for the named test.  Each Master Record may contain Test Child Records which may provide information on Test Development, Test Reviews, or Test Use.  The Test Reviews section will provide citations to relevant articles.

Example: Beck Depression Inventory in TI Title field; then view the full record to view the Test Child Records

If no Test Reviews information is included in the full (master) record, search other databases such as Web of Science or Scopus to find the article that is cited for Test Development.  in Web of Science or Scopus, click on the Times Cited or Cited by links to view articles that reference the test development article and which may provide test review details.

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Click on the title of each citation to view the complete record.


Click on the ? next to the Search button and then scroll down to Database Help: PsycTESTS.